Perfect Shorts For The Summer

Perfect Shorts For The Summer

Have difficulties finding shorts for the hot summer days? Short answer, there's nothing such as perfection, but we've added a few different pairs in our webshop that we believe deserve to be worn.

Levi's Shorts. Levi's jeans themselves are hard to beat pants-wise, so the shorts version comes as a natural choice. Often with beautiful washes and some slight distressing. A big plus is the price, second hand Levi's Jeans are not that expensive and the shorts are even less so. 

Carhartt Work Shorts. Many people's favorite pants, and surprise surprise, the shorts slaps as well. Sun faded, distressed, or paint-stained. It does not matter, these shorts look good anyway. Goes hard with a plain tee and some lowkey sneakers.

Fatigue Shorts. Closely related to work shorts, but with some more character if you will. Often very durable and are especially eye-catching in a washed green shade. A bit more uncommon to find as vintage, but once you do find a pair, you'll fall in love instantly.

Suit Shorts. Suit pants, but shorts. Easy. If you want to dress nice for a formal occasion, these should be your go-to. Look for a pair with a press fold if you want to look extra sassy. Would recommend navy or black, but any color will do it really!

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